Donald Trump canceled the summit with Kim Jong-un

The North American leader, Donald Trump, cancels the summit scheduled for June 12  in Singapore with Kim Jong-un, arguing the hostility of the North Korean regime in his last communiqué.

The trigger for the cancellation were the harsh criticisms launched a few hours earlier by the North Korean Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Choe Son-hui. The diplomat threatened a “nuclear” confrontation with the United States after calling “ignorant and stupid” the statements made by the US vice president, Mike Pence, who warned on Monday that, if it did not reach an agreement with the United States, the regime Kim could end up following the “Libyan model”

International pressure forced the Arab country to dismantle its nuclear program in 2003, but eight years later its leader, Muammar Gaddafi, was deposed and killed after revolts supported militarily by the West.

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