Donald Trump announces summit with Kim Jong Un on June 12 in Singapore

The expected summit between Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will take place on June 12 in Singapore, the US president announced on Twitter.

Trump and his wife Melania received in the early hours of Thursday at a nearby air base in Washington the three freed, who traveled accompanied from Pyongyang by Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

Trump communicated by telephone with the president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, to whom he expressed the hope that the release of the three detainees could positively impact the meeting with Kim.

In March, Trump surprised the world by accepting an invitation from Kim to hold a meeting in order to contain an escalation of tensions on the Korean peninsula.

The White House has insisted that the government’s priority is to obtain the total elimination of the nuclear weapons program of the North Korean government.

Pyongyang, meanwhile, emphasizes the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, in a clear reference to the huge US military presence in South Korea.

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