Democratic General Elections in Honduras

“Voters elected Juan Orlando Hernández as president for a period of four years that began in January 2018”, this was established by a free translation of the latest report on Human Rights 2017 released a few hours ago by the State Department.

The document, which assesses the rights situation of all the countries of the world, was signed by Acting Secretary of State John Sullivan, the document contains 32 pages but in its executive summary the first lines set the position around the Honduran electoral process.

The country had general elections in November, and voters elected Juan Orlando Hernández of the National Party as president for a period of four years that began in January 2018,” the executive summary says.

The Report also states textually that “international observers generally recognized that the elections were free.” The executive summary also points out that Honduras is a “constitutional and multiparty republic”.

As in the rest of the countries, the report also makes an X-ray of the most important issues related to human rights. With several complaints, the report states textually “the government took measures to prosecute and punish the officials who committed abuses.”

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