China and the US begin their contacts tomorrow to avoid a commercial war

China and the United States begin a round of two-day discussions in Beijing to try to avoid a trade war, for which Beijing today requested that the delegation of Washington to maintain a “sincere” attitude.

China has said that “it is not realistic to resolve all the issues in a single negotiation,” a spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, told a news conference today.

However, Hua said that “if the the US is sincere in resolving fundamental issues, the negotiation will be constructive.”

The US delegation will be headed by the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, as well as other prominent members such as Trade Secretary Wilbur Ross, Foreign Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, and the White House advisor on trade and industry. Peter Navarro

The US delegation will meet with Deputy Prime Minister Lui He, who is also the chief economic adviser to Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Ministry of Commerce announced today.


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