Bombing near a school kills 16 children in Syria

At least twenty people were killed today, including sixteen minors, by bombings in northwestern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. They also stated they couldn’t determine whether the attacking planes belonged to the Syrian or Russian air force.

The dead were recorded in the town of Kafr Batij, in the south of the province of Idleb, almost entirely controlled by the Liberation Agency of the Levant, the alliance of the Syrian ex-al Qaeda.

The source did not rule out that the number of fatalities may increases because there are serious injuries and disappeared among the rubble .

Among the dead there are fifteen people who belonged to the same family.

There were also similar attacks against the area of ​​Horsh Jan al Subul, in the south of Idleb.

These bombings occurred after nine people lost their lives yesterday, seven of them minors, the bombing were made by unidentified aircraft against a displaced persons camp in the town of Has, southwest of the city of Marat al Numan, in the south of Idleb.

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