At least 7 dead and 15 injured in a explosion in Bolivia

The event was registered this Wednesday in the town of Huanuni in the department of Oruro, some 130 kilometers from La Paz.

“There has been the death of seven people, is what we have as a report so far, and 15 people have been injured,” said the Minister of Government , Carlos Romero, at a press conference.

Minister of Government, Carlos Romero

A truck with explosives would have overturned at the mine in the town of Huanuni, according to the mayor of Huanini, the town where the accident occurred.

Elias Colque, a former leader of the miners of Huanuni, 273 km southwest of La Paz, said the explosion occurred in a truck that was transporting workers to their positions in the field.

A mission composed of investigators, prosecutors and police, was moved to the scene of the disaster, according to Romero.

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