At the Summit of the Americas Honduras will share its successful experience fighting corruption

Honduras will share its successful experience in the fight against corruption, during the VIII Summit of the Americas, to be held this April 13 and 14 in the city of Lima, Peru

Since 2014, Honduras has taken decisive decisions to fight corruption and to become a more open and transparent Government, which is why the international community has recognized the country’s efforts and has applauded the historic steps that been have taken during the Administration of President Juan Orlando Hernández

These experiences will be valuable because the theme of the summit defined by Peru is “Democratic governance against corruption”. The thematic axes proposed are Democratic Governance and Corruption, Corruption and Sustainable Development, and Aspects of Cooperation, International Institutionality and Public-Private Partnerships.

In all three areas, Honduras has many succesful stories that will undoubtedly be heard in the plenary sessions and during the bilateral meetings that the President Hernández and his delegation will hold that week.

The signing of a letter of International Transparency was the first public act of President Hernández, on January 28, 2014, one day after his inauguration.

Since 2014, Honduras has also begun the process to join the CoST initiative and in this way make the contracting of large public infrastructure projects more transparent.

On January 27, 2018, when taking office for his second term, the president ratified in his speech: “We will not rest in the fight against corruption and impunity, strengthening our national institutions accordingly”

This determination only reiterated the commitment assumed on January 27, 2014 when President Juan Orlando took office for the first time. “Build a better republic, with better institutions, more transparent, more reliable” and “fight corruption in all its forms, in front , without quarter, giving the face, in every moment “.


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