Are these the political prisoners?

The leaders of the Opposition in Honduras informed the national and international media that there were at least 22 political prisoners in the country who were detained during the different protests of the Alliance of Opposition Against the Dictatorship (left wing party).

But now a controversy has arisen as to whether the detainees are really political prisoners or not, because the  General Inspector of the Honduran National Police, Orlin Cerrato, denied the existence of inmates with this category and explained that of the “22 cases that are spoken “, all are duly documented and there is evidence of crimes done in the riots. 

The police chief said that it can not be called a “political crime” if someone takes a Molotov cocktail and throws it to a establishment setting fire the place and threatening the life of the people.

Violent acts during the Prostests

According to Cerrato, in different parts of Honduras during the protests multiple crimes have been committed such as vandalism and riots, robbery, damage to private and public property, public disorder, acts of terrorism, restriction on free movement, attempts of fires , misuse of strictly police material and looting.

 Are Manuel Zelaya and Salvador Nasralla  presenting criminals as political prisoners? Are they trying to victimize them ?

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