Month: November 2016

Donald Trump wins the US presidential election

Donald Trump wins the US presidential election

One of the most unusual presidential races in the history of the United States has culminated with the victory of the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. The Republican has won the presidential election by exceeding the key figure of 270 votes of members of the Electoral College compared to 228 of his rival Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

 Some of the results that have given victory to the new US leader are votes in the states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Trump has prevailed in Pennsylvania after obtaining 48.9% of the votes against 47.6% of the Democratic candidate Clinton. The previous results in that state, which supposes 20 electoral votes, made predict a democratic victory.

In Wisconsin, Trump has obtained 48.7% of the votes, while his Democratic rival has taken 46.1%. Historically the votes that most vary are those of Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. In this election, North Carolina is also added, with 15 electors.

The victory in one of these key states has played a significant role in the victory of the Republican candidate. With 99.98% counted, Trump has become the winning candidate in Florida after winning 49.1% of the votes. 47.7% of the voters have voted for Clinton

Likewise, Trump has secured the Ohio victory. Trump has also secured the Ohio victory (18 delegates), where he has won 52.1% of popular support against 43.5% in favor of Clinton. However, we still need to know the decision of the delegates, the members of the Electoral College that on December 19 will vote in the capitols of their respective states.

Donald Trump

The recount of votes will be held on January 6 in a special session of the Congress after which the president of the Senate will appoint the new president and vice president of the United States.