13 people die and 12 disappear in shipwreck in Indonesia

At least 13 people lost their lives and 12 are missing after the wreck of the boat which was were traveling near the coast of the Indonesian island of Celebes, in the central region of that archipelago, local media reported today.

The search and rescue teams that are in the area indicated that another 24 passengers were rescued alive and are being treated in hospitals in the region.

The ship sailed on Wednesday afternoon from the town of Makassar, in the south of the island, bound for the island of Barrang Lompo, about 15 kilometers northwest of the starting point.

The director of the local agency for disasters pointed to the news portal “Republika.co.id” that the ship overturned after being hit by a wave and due to the bad weather that hit the region.

Dozens of people lose their lives every year in Indonesia in maritime accidents caused by bad weather, precarious infrastructures or the overload of passengers and merchandise.

The ship is the main means of transport of the Indonesian archipelago, formed by more than 17,000 islands and with a population of about 260 million inhabitants.

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